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F.H.A. Loan Information! GREAT!

How to spell “F.H.A.”!!!                                                                               1/28/2011

Today’s conventional interest rates30-year fixed = 4.625%     5/1 ARM = 3.25%
Learning to suggest FHA financing as a possible option for buyers in need of flexibility will be a great tool for you.  You will NOT need to know many specific details of the FHA product – that’s MY job – but it does pay to know that flexibilities do still exist – however limited they may be, these days!


·FHA offers the lowest down payment possible – just 3.5%.  (USDA and VA still offer 100% financing for those borrowers/properties that qualify.)

·Highest allowable debt ratio – if your buyer has too much debt, FHA can save your deal!

·Low interest rate – often lower than the best conventional!

· Flexible guidelines for receiving gifts for down payment funds – for those buyers with little cash….but PARENTS!!! 

·Flexibility to deal with ‘special credit circumstances’ – FHA allows for letters of explanation that make sense of unusual circumstances on your buyers’ credit report, such as:
o   Credit card payment on credit report has always been paid (and will continue to be) by dad.

o   Ex-husband didn’t make the payments on this item, and we can show proof.

o   Newly-separated buyer can show that soon-to-be-ex-husband is responsible for mortgage payment on marital home.

The BAD:

·FHA financing ALWAYS means mortgage insurance – for at least 5 years.  I view it as the cost of the flexibilities benefiting your buyer.

·This mortgage insurance has TWO components:

o  Up-front fee of approx 1% of their loan amount – this is rolled into the loan amount, so not paid out-of-pocket!

o  Monthly premium is added to the buyers’ payment each month.

FHA scenario from today:

· Purchase of a primary residence, single-family home

· Purchase price - $250,000

· Down payment of just 3.5% (that’s just $8,750), of which $7,000 was a gift from family!

· Buyer had a great deal of debt, including two big cars and student loans.

· Interest rate for a 30-year fixed loan = 4.25%!!!  (that’s NOT a misprint!!!)

· The same scenario with a 20% down payment and a conventional loan would have been 4.625%!  However, this buyer would not have qualified for conventional due to debt ratio and lack of cash, but….FHA SAVED THE DEAL!!!

Let me know your questions about FHA financing today.  

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