Tuesday, December 28, 2010

About Myrtle Beach

For decades, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas of the Grand Strand have been a major destination for beach lovers, tourists and those looking to settle. Myrtle Beach's initial appeal is one of awe as visitors and new residents discover the many shopping, food, and leisure activities afforded by the area. Rich in both history and culture, Myrtle Beach has lent itself to the inspiration of many, an imagination from it's beautiful familybeaches and temperate climate, to it's active nightlife, and family fun. The shops and establishments along some of the historic parts of Ocean Boulevard, have become staple attractions. Fun or excitement, convenience or relaxation, Myrtle Beach is your destination for it all!

Myrtle Beach, also known as the Grand Strand, stretches out for sixty miles/100 Kms. It is the most popular and median location between the northern South Carolina coast and stretches from the North Carolina line in Little River to Georgetown as its southern most extremity.Whatever your method of travel-driving or flying- the Myrtle Beach is the perfect travel destination, and an even better place for your primary or secondary residence. As a family destination, Myrtle Beach rivals any beach in Florida, not only for it's water activities and beaches, but also for its phenomenal housing standards, entertainment, world-class golf, food venues and shopping. A major claim for the Grand Strand area is that it is a very safe place to live, with activities and civic groups for retirees, low crime rates, and wonderful school systems. The area is comprised of those looking for a second home location and families with children. The population of Myrtle Beach is growing as folks who discover the SC Coastal Area realize the real estate opportunities, the delightful southern charm and hospitality.

As a new Myrtle Beach resident or investor, you'll enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of your neighbors who also live work and invest in the SC Coastal area. Even with all of the exciting venues and attractions nearby, your family will appreciate a move to Myrtle Beach, as it moves at a peaceful pace.
The Myrtle Beach and surrounding area is evolving from a plantation culture to a high-end resort destination as babyboomers, just a step away from retirement, and young professional investors are lured by enticing entry prices. The coastal area is a decade and a half from being built out, yet our roads and infrastructure are far ahead of growth and development. As a result, coastal investment opportunities that include significant appreciation make investing in Myrtle Beach appealing.

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